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Petri Plumbing Can Address Your Winter Sewer Woes in Brooklyn

Here are five ways winter weather can affect your sewer line

The first frost can occur in early November in the Brooklyn area, so cold weather will be here before we know it. That means it is time to think about winterizing your home’s plumbing.

But there is another aspect of your plumbing to keep in mind: the all-important sewer line that carries your waste to a place out of sight and out of mind. Freezing winter temperatures can cause problems with sewer lines in the homes of our Brooklyn neighbors. Here are five unsavory scenarios that our experts can help with.

  1. Root intrusion: Trees are not completely dormant during winter, and they actively seek out nourishment by extending roots. Your warm and nutrient-rich sewer line is a prime target. One common winter problem that sewer lines encounter is the intrusion of tree roots.
  2. Debris blockage: If you have a house full of guests during the holidays, especially children, someone may flush inappropriate items down the toilet that result in a sewer blockage. Remember, only three things should go down the toilet: No. 1, No. 2, and toilet paper.
  3. Ice: While a frozen sewer line is a rarity, you should always insulate pipes leading to and from your house. This will lessen the likelihood of a frozen line. Also keep sewer vents clear of fallen leaves, ice, and snow.
  4. Shifting due to freezing: Frozen ground shifts, of course, and this can rupture a sewer line. This is a special concern in the older homes of Brooklyn.
  5. Heavy rain or snow: A strong nor’easter that brings only very heavy rain can lead to a backup, as can runoff from melting snow after a blizzard. This can be particularly problematic because it can cause overflows of sewage into your home.

Regardless of the cause, the experts at Petri Plumbing will respond to any sewer line issue promptly. Don’t disregard suspicions of sewer line problems. They will only get worse. Call us today at (718) 748-1254 if you have a problem with a sewer line in your Brooklyn home.

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