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How to Take Care of Your Older Boiler

Old Boiler in Brooklyn NYC Needs Repair

If you have an older boiler in your Brooklyn home, you’ll want to get it serviced annually to ensure that you stay warm this winter and your family stays safe throughout the heating season.

This isn’t a do-it-yourself project. Your boiler should be checked out by a qualified technician licensed and trained to perform maintenance on combustion related equipment. Call your Brooklyn heating experts at Petri Plumbing & Heating to ensure your older boiler works like it is brand new. 

Our Boiler Inspection Process

 During this comprehensive inspection, we’ll clean the burner and make sure all of the safety devices, such as high limit switches and relief valves, flame sensors and ignition devices are working properly. If you heat with gas, we’ll make sure your gas pressure is correct. If you’re heating with oil, we’ll inspect your oil burner, check the oil nozzle and replace the oil filter. We’ll inspect the flue pipe to make sure it’s in good condition and there are no blockages. 

Because your safety is paramount, we’ll use a special instrument to check your boiler’s combustion efficiency in order to protect you from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. We’ll make sure 100% of the combustion products are going up the flue pipe. We’ll make sure your burner flame is burning the fuel cleanly. A dirty flame creates soot, which will eventually clog your heat exchanger. Clogs can also create hot spots on your heat exchanger that will cause it to crack. A cracked heat exchanger is extremely dangerous and can be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning and your boiler will have to be replaced. 

Finally, we’ll check the distribution system to make sure that all of the pipes are leak-free, the circulator pump is working, the water pressure is correct and that all of your radiators get hot. After our trained technician leaves you can be assured that your older boiler is in top working order and will keep you and your family warm and safe throughout the winter. 

Brooklyn Boiler Experts

Last but not least, we’ll be glad to discuss how installing a new energy-efficient boiler will save money in the long run and pay for itself in just a few years. If you’re have an older boiler, you’ll want to get it serviced before the weather turns cool. Just call us at (718) 748-1254 or contact Petri Plumbing online today. 

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