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What Are the Benefits of Drain Cleaning?

Brooklyn Drain Cleaning

Do you, the homeowner or renter, have any idea how much your “drains” can be clogged with “gunk” in just one year? We didn’t think so! Well, when you stop and consider that after a year of multiple uses the drains in your home or office building receives in just 12 months it’s no wonder they get clogged with ugly looking standing water that doesn’t start to flow until five minutes after you’ve turned off the bathroom or kitchen lights; if at all.

Yes, we know your conundrum, folks. As a professional plumbing company with decades of experience, we not only hear the “moaning and groaning” on the phone, we also understand the inconvenience a clogged drain can cause. Yet the fact is if your drain hasn’t had a cleaning since Bush was president, you may be in for some serious back up. That’s how important having a clean drain can be.

When you contact a professional plumber with the tools and “know-how” to get the “drain cleaning” job done right the first time, you’re investing in your own personal property using not only common sense, but a “dab” of preventive maintenance against going into debt at some period in the near future. Plumbing emergencies can many times be a costly household headache for any homeowner and simply trying to fix the problem using this or that product from a local store can be even more costly and in the end, be just a temporary “band aid.”

That said, an annual check of all your drain pipes will not only save you money on your water bill, but insure that the water goes down the unclogged drain; not on your floors and walkways creating an introduction to two other words you never want to hear: mold and mildew. So our company would like you to remember a few clogged drain signs: Slow draining or draining that stops, plus a really, really bad smell coming from your draining pipes. These are indications that hiding out in your drain pipes somewhere is a “family” of “hair” and other waste products. However, our company knows where they live and can quickly and professionally remove all this “stuff” before it causes any further problems.

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