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Observed annually in June, National Safety Month focuses on lessening risks that can lead to injury and death on the road, at work, and at home. It has been estimated that approximately 93,000 unintentional-injury related deaths occur a year within a home, and in Brooklyn and Manhattan, residents are especially at risk. Keeping a New York City home safe goes beyond security as many of the borough houses and apartments are old enough to create less than healthy environments.

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National Safety Month for your home

We understand that a healthy home is a safe home, and we encourage residents to reduce their risk of preventable injuries and illnesses by taking precautions, evaluating efficiency, and making modifications.

In observance of National Safety Month, here are some top tips on keeping your Brooklyn or Manhattan home preserved and your family safe:

  • Take action to prevent fires: According to the New York Department of Health, fires rank in the top ten causes of death from injuries for New Yorkers. While there are many ways to help prevent these disasters from occurring, one area of a home often overlooked is the heating system. Heavily used in New York City, these gas-powered heating units can pose a big threat when parts fail, potentially resulting in a house fire. With warmer weather upon us, now is the best time to inspect your system to ensure it will be working properly come winter. If parts need to be replaced or an entirely new unit is in order, getting the issue remedied now will ensure a comfortable and safe cold season.
  • Identify emergency plumbing steps: During a plumbing emergency, like a burst pipe or damaged water heater, acting calmly and quickly to shut down water flow can help prevent costly damages and personal injuries. A home plumbing system will feature shut-off valves, but if you don’t know where these are, you can waste precious time. Having each valve clearly marked in the event of an emergency is a smart move to make and something the Brooklyn Plumbers at Petri offer as a complimentary service to customers.
  • Watch for mold: When mold infiltrates your home, it can spread like wildfire, causing an unhealthy and threatening environment. Take preventative action by having your home plumbing system checked for leaks as these can quickly lead to household mold. Having a professional conduct a home inspection is advised to ensure all leaks are identified.

Keeping your Brooklyn or Manhattan home safe takes a number of measures, many of which can be time consuming. To ensure your home is protected no matter what, contact your Brooklyn plumber at 718-748-1254.

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