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Mistakes to Avoid Regarding Your Water Heater

Brooklyn Water Heater Maintenance

When it comes to making sure your water heater lasts, maintenance is the key. There are some common mistakes that you can avoid when it comes to the proper water heater maintenance in Brooklyn.

The obvious first is that your water heater needs to be installed correctly, which should be left to a professional plumber. The area around the water heater should be kept clear. This is something that is sometimes over looked, however remember it is for your safety that the area around the heater remains clear.

It is important to test the temperature and pressure valve once a year. We all have busy daily lives, but if you neglect this maintenance you can develop a dangerous pressure build up. When that happens, your tank can actually rupture. It could cause your tank and its parts to fail before your ten year mark.

Another maintenance mistake to avoid is not paying attention to any possible dripping that may be coming from your valve. The temperature and pressure should be checked to see if it is within the correct limits. If you are not sure what the correct limits are, contact your local Brooklyn plumber to get this information.

Forgetting about the sediment in your tank is another mistake. Over time, it collects and moves to the bottom of your water heater’s tank. Your tank should be emptied yearly. If this maintenance gets neglected, it can hurt the heating efficiency of your water heater, resulting in higher energy costs on your water bill. Again, proper maintenance will help your tank last the ten years it is supposed to.

The following maintenance mistake is for those of you with steel tanks. As we all know, steel will rust and this can cause a tank to leak. However there is a fix to this issue without buying a new tank. A sacrificial anode rod can be attached to your water heater. With this solution, there is some maintenance that should not be forgotten about. These rods should be checked periodically in case they need to be replaced. Contact your local Brooklyn plumber to find out more about these anode rods.

The last maintenance mistake is a simple one: all relief valves and saftey controls should be inspected by a licensed plumber.

If you avoid these mistakes your water heater should last you at least ten long years or more.

Time for water heater maintenance? Contact Petri Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today at 718-748-1254 for an in-home consultation. We’ll make sure your water heater is well taken care of for the best return in your home’s investment.

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