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mini-splits save a Brownstone's character

You’ve spent a small fortune renovating your beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone. But, you can’t even enjoy the fruits of your labor this time of year because it’s simply too hot in your home.

If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider ductless air conditioning in Brooklyn.

Many Brownstones were built long before the time of central heating and air conditioning. They simply weren’t made to have hidden ductwork mazed throughout the home.

It was probably disappointing to hear that you’d have to gut your home to add in ductwork. You may have also heard that it was not possible to add ducts without ruining the aesthetic of your Brownstone. But, there is an answer: mini-splits. And there are advantages to adding a mini-split system in your home.

Read on to learn more or simply give the Brooklyn air conditioning experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating and Cooling a call today!

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As mentioned above, many Brownstones were built in the late 1800s before central temperature control was even in existence. Therefore, these houses weren’t built to have ductwork running behind the walls.

Even if there is room in the walls for ductwork, it would cost a considerable amount of money to open the walls to run it. It can also ruin the aesthetic to cut through some of the fine, old-fashioned woodworking.

But, with ductless mini-splits, you don’t need to do all that. Mini-splits are flexible in where they can be installed.

Save Money

Because mini-splits are controlled room-by-room, you can also save money on your cooling bills because you don’t have to cool every room in the house. They are also more efficient than most window or portable air conditioning units.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Mini-splits are also more environmentally friendly than some of your other alternatives. The newer models use a refrigerant that is known for its zero-ozone depletion potential. And, they also allow you the ability to create cooling zones in your home. This makes for comfort on a budget.

Eye-Pleasing Aesthetic

Another advantage that mini-splits have over window units is their appearance and ability to be hung in a variety of locations.

Window units block your windows from being used for what they were intended – to see outside. And, because half of the unit hangs outside, they are often targets for dirt and debris.

Mini-splits not only stay in the house, they can also be placed in aesthetically-pleasing locations throughout your home. They are also far less noisy than window units.

Whole-Home Climate Control

Mini-splits also work independently or in concert with other units to provide whole-home climate control.

Whether you want to cool one room, create a zone of controlled air in a portion of the house or cool the entire home, mini-splits work together to create the level of comfort you want. And, because the location of your mini-split is flexible, you can create an airflow that is designed specifically for the comfort of your family.

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