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Natural gas burners might need repair after winter

Your natural gas boiler and appliances run warmer and more efficiently than other fossil fuel devices, but they can also pose dangers if these appliances start leaking.

Natural gas can cause fires and inhaling it can result in natural gas poisoning. So it is important to handle your gas appliances with care and know who to call when you need professional gas services.

Having your gas boiler checked by the Brooklyn boiler experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning at least once a year can help ensure that your heating system is both efficient and safe for the upcoming winter months.

DIY Tips

Some of the things you as the homeowner can do to keep your natural gas furnace running as effectively as possible are to:

  • Replace the air filter regularly
  • Replace the batteries in the thermostat
  • Check your ducts, insulation and windows for gaps in the seals or damage

However, there are other maintenance issues that may require a professional to ensure your system runs at peak performance.

Gas Appliances Need Regular Testing & Maintenance

Natural gas appliances exhaust carbon monoxide (CO) during the combustion process. If your system is functioning properly, the CO is vented outside. But those venting structures can sometimes develop cracks, which can leak the CO into your indoor air. Having a professional check your exhaust system can detect the appearance of cracks and leaks before they reach dangerous levels.

Yearly Maintenance Can Extend the Life of Your Unit

Dirty or worn-out components can decrease the life of your boiler and other appliances. Having those parts cleaned, inspected and replaced will keep your boiler running longer and will help avoid it breaking down during the coldest days of the year. Regular maintenance also can prevent any actions that could void the warranty.

Remember, if you smell rotten eggs, have difficulty breathing, hear a hissing noise or are experiencing dizziness, nausea, headaches or fatigue – all signs of natural gas poisoning – leave the house immediately and call 911.

Brooklyn Natural Gas Specialists

At Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, we can help you avoid these natural gas issues. Call us today to schedule a natural gas maintenance service visit. Keep your home efficient, warm and safe this winter season with a routine natural gas inspection.

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