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Is Your Brooklyn Boiler Working Correctly?

When the polar vortex hits, you definitely want your boiler to be working properly. If you’re not getting warm enough this winter, call your Brooklyn heating experts at Petri Plumbing & Heating, and we’ll make sure that your heating system is working the way it should.

boiler not working in brooklyn

Preventative Boiler Maintenance

Before cold weather hits, it’s always a good idea to call us to clean and check your boiler once a year. Our annual maintenance service can spot and remedy potential breakdowns. During this comprehensive inspection, we’ll clean the burner and make sure all of the safety devices, such as high limit switches and relief valves, flame sensors and ignition devices are working properly. But if your boiler suddenly goes on the fritz, we can be out to your home quickly to get you warm again. We show up on time, we have the right diagnostic tools and the right training to fix any problem with our expert boiler repair services.

Our Boiler Repair & Check Up Services

If you have an old, old house or building in Brooklyn, we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians are well-trained in both steam and hot water heating. We have more than 100 years experience installing and servicing boilers in Brooklyn, so it doesn’t matter what kind of boiler you have, we can work on it.

During our service call, we’ll make sure that the gas burner is igniting and burning properly. If you heat with oil, we’ll inspect the oil burner and the oil nozzle and make sure that the fuel filter isn’t clogged. Safety devices will shut your boiler down if water isn’t circulating properly and your boiler overheats, so we’ll inspect the pumps. We’ll also make sure that the products of combustion are venting safely up the chimney to protect you and your family from carbon monoxide poisoning. A clogged venting system is a dangerous problem.

If it appears that your boiler is working but you’re not getting enough heat, we’ll check out all of the distribution piping and your radiators to make sure that the hot water or steam is getting to them. We’ll check out the circulator pump, inspect the pipes for leaks, make sure hot water is flowing properly through the pipes and all of the radiators are getting hot. Sometimes the problem is as simple as a radiator valve being closed.

New Boiler Installation

We may be the Brooklyn boiler wizards but sometimes, depending on the age of the unit, replacing your boiler with a newer, more energy efficient model is the best choice. New boilers can be twice as efficient as the boilers they are replacing, which will lower your energy bills. We’re knowledgeable on all of the best brands and we can answer all of your questions.

Expert Brooklyn Boiler Help Whenever You Need It!

Call Petri Plumbing & Heating for all of your Brooklyn boiler needs and we’ll keep you warm this winter.

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