Is that Smell Normal? What to Expect When Turning on the Heat

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As cooler weather approaches and you turn your heat on for the first time, you might experience a few hiccups that have you wondering if your heating system is OK.

Your Brooklyn heating experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning have some tips for first-time homeowners or even homeowners who bought a new home before they had to turn on the heat.

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Turn on the heat early

If you wait until it is already cold outside to turn on the heat, you might experience problems that make it difficult to heat your home. Turning on the heat early will allow you the opportunity to see if your heating system is functioning normally. It can also let you know if repairs need to be done before the temperature drops too low.

What is that smell?

Sometimes, after sitting dormant all summer long, dust and other debris settles in the vents. This creates a burning smell when you switch the heat back on during the colder months. After the dust is blown out, the smell will go away.

Cleanliness is key

Make sure you have a new filter ready for use and clear the area around your furnace, boiler or HVAC unit. The cleaner the heating system is both inside and out, the better it will be able to warm up your home.

That noise doesn’t sound good

If your heating system is rattling, not warming up your home or isn’t turning on at all, chances are you need a professional to come into your home and service the unit.

The power of maintenance

If this is your first home or you’re in a new house, you should consider getting a heating system tune-up. It’s good to schedule a maintenance service call once a year so there are no surprises. A tune-up includes a test of your entire system to ensure it’s working according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It is also inspected to see if any parts may be wearing out.

The heating experts at Petri can service and install all kinds of heating systems, including boilers and furnaces. So, before it gets much colder, it may be time to think about the condition of your heating system. Call Petri to schedule a maintenance appointment or if we can assist with repairs.

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