How to Use a Sump Pump After a Flood

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Basement floods are a devastating time for any homeowner. If you’ve ever experienced a flood, you know first hand the damage, cost and time that are associated with water removal. Whether the flood is due to a burst pipe or mother nature, protecting your home before-hand is essential. One way to protect your home from flooding is by using a sump pump.

Once you’re ready to begin the process of removing the water, there is no more efficient piece of equipment to do it than a sump pump. The pump ensures that the area underneath the basement as well as the basement itself will not flood.
Acting as a tank below the basement, it fills up when ever the levels of groundwater are high. Preventing the water from leaking out and causing damage to the property. The sump pump will force the water up to ground level and away from your home, so that it’s drained properly.

Installing a sump pump in your basement is an excellent way to ensure that your basement stays safe and water-free, whether the water is coming from above or below the basement. For use in a flood, there are two types of pumps to chose from, manual or automatic. A manual pump has to be manually powered on and off, while an automatic pump is switch activated to power itself on once the water levels reach a certain level. The automatic pump will also shut itself off once it has drained the water. For homeowners who have a home in an area prone to flooding, a sump pump is essential. These devices will keep you confident that you don’t have to worry about flooding during typical circumstances. However, it’s important to mention that during a major flood, more than one sump pump will be needed to drain the water from your home.

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