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How to Save Money on Your Home Energy By Replacing Your Boiler

Brooklyn Boiler Repair and Replacement

For homes that use them, boilers account for a significant percentage of your energy bill–upward of 50% to 60% for older, less efficient boilers. Upgrading your old boiler for a newer, more efficient model can not only help you heat your home more efficiently, and reduce the harmful effects of your boiler’s emissions on the environment, but most importantly, it can slash your home energy costs.

Annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) is the unit for measuring a boiler’s efficiency. The AFUE measures how well the boiler converts the energy in its fuel into heat over the period of a year. AFUE is a ratio of the heating system’s output versus the total amount of energy it consumes. For instance, a boiler with an AFUE of 80% converts 80% of it’s fuel energy into heat, and the remaining 20% dissipates elsewhere.

The average older model boiler have an AFUE anywhere between 50% to 70%. New, high-efficiency boiler systems typically have AFUEs as high as 97%. This means a modern boiler systems can convert nearly all of it’s fuel into heat to warm your home. Replacing an older boiler with an AFUE of around 50% with a new 90% AFUE boiler can reduce your energy costs and your homes pollution emissions up to 50% in the average cold-weather home.

There are some steps you should take prior to purchasing a new boiler. First, consider weather proofing your home and making it as efficient as possible. Why is this? Making your home more energy efficient will help you save additional money by further reducing the amount of heat that escapes your home. In return, it will reduce the boiler size and quantity of fuel necessary to heat your home. After you have made your home more efficient, contact a heating contractor who can properly size your boiler. An improperly-sized boiler will under-perform or out-perform for your energy needs, which will cost you more money in the end, either way. When you are finally ready to shop for a new, high-efficiency boiler, make sure it has an ENERGY STAR® label, which can offer rebates and additional savings.

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