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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes this Winter

frozen pipe

It’s December and falling temperatures are to be expected. That means that water pipes exposed to the elements will have a chance to freeze or burst if they aren’t protected.

Ruptured pipes are one of the most common sources of property damage in the winter but there are steps homeowners can take to prevent their pipes from freezing during the cold winter months.

Your Brooklyn plumber offers the following advice to keep your plumbing running smoothly!

1. Insulate Your Pipes

Just like you need a coat when you go outside in the winter, your pipes need some extra insulation, as well. Pipe insulation is relatively inexpensive and can be found at most hardware stores. If a sudden cold snap creeps up on you, duct tape and newspaper wrapped around exposed pipes can work in a pinch. You can also use heating tape to wrap your pipes.

2. Let Your Faucets Drip

This isn’t the most eco-friendly or efficient solution, but it will work because running water generates more energy – heat – than standing water, which can be just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. You don’t need to let every faucet drip, however. Only turn on faucets that drip into pipes that are more exposed to the weather.

3. Close Your Garage Door

Most people do close their garage doors, particularly during the winter months, but if you usually leave it open for some reason, keep it closed when the weather is particularly icy.

4. Keep Your Indoor Temperature Consistent

Many homeowners cut their heat when they are away at work or asleep at night, but during really cold weather, it’s better to keep the temperature steady. This will help keep pipes warm throughout the day and lessen the chances of icy build-up.

5. Seal Cracks & Openings in Your Home

Check your home, including the garage, crawl space and attic, for small holes that can let cold air in and seal up the opening. This will not only help your pipes stay warm, it will also help you keep heat in, reducing your energy costs.

6. Open Cabinet Doors

On really cold days, opening the cabinets that contain water pipes – such as the kitchen cabinet under the sink – will help keep the pipes warm. Just remember, if you have small children or pets, be sure and move any chemicals that you keep under the sink out of their reach.

Brooklyn’s Burst Pipe Pros

This is a great time of year to spend with family and friends. Don’t ruin your winter season by having to clean up after a frozen pipe or break your wallet having to repair the damage a burst can create.

If you do experience any winter plumbing issues, like a burst pipe, or have a plumbing emergency, call us at Petri Plumbing & Heating for fast and dependable service!

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