How to Care for Your AC for National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days

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When the temperature begins soaring into the 90s and beyond, there is no greater invention than the air conditioner.

Summer reminds us how thankful we are for Willis Carrier. He accidentally invented air conditioning in 1902 when he was trying to find a way to reduce humidity in a large printing plant right here in Brooklyn. This is why it’s known as an “air conditioner” rather than an “air cooler,” and the name has stuck all these years later.

For National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days, which runs from July 3 to August 15 – when we need it the most –  your Brooklyn air conditioning specialists at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning offer you some tips to pamper your appliance to show your appreciation. Read on or feel free to reach out to us now!

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1. Change your air filter

The filter is so essential that it not only helps your unit run more efficiently, it can also be the source of many air conditioning issues if it’s clogged.

2. Clean your air ducts

Another way to be kind to and help maintain your AC unit is to help it pump out the cool air with less dust and obstructions. Clean ductwork also reduces allergens in the air and improves your indoor air quality.

3. Have your system serviced

Just like humans are healthier when they go to the doctor for a regular checkup once a year, your AC unit also runs better with at least one yearly maintenance service visit. A professional maintenance tune-up should include cleaning the system, lubricating the moving parts and checking on all the components to insure they are working properly.

4. Clean around your outdoor unit

Pull out any plants that have grown into the unit and move any items that are leaning on or abutting the outdoor condenser. Keeping the condenser free from obstruction helps it run better.

And, if you don’t know what life was like before the air conditioner was invented, try turning off your unit during the Dog Days of Summer. You’ll soon learn why we should all be thankful Carrier discovered the very simple idea of passing air over coils filled with cool water.

Your modern air conditioner, of course, now uses electronic sensors, refrigerant and vapor compression but the idea of cooling air was the best thing to combat summer heat since ice cream.

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If your air conditioner could use a little appreciation, call Petri’s AC professionals to schedule a maintenance service call or if you need an AC repair or AC replacement quote.

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