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How to Avoid a Boiler Breakdown this Winter

women wearing a winter jacket inside because her boiler is broken

This month marks the official arrival of the holiday season. That means it’s time to check your boiler to ensure that Jack Frost will only be able to nip at your nose outdoors while your home’s interior stays warm and cozy.

A few system checks and some maintenance should be enough to prevent your Brooklyn boiler from breaking down when the temperature starts dipping. Here are some tips to take before the snow, ice and freezing air arrives in full force:

1. Check Your Radiators

It’s a good idea to turn on your heating system before the weather gets too cold so you can check your radiators for cold spots. This is normally caused by trapped air. If they are cold at the bottom, you may need to bleed them to remove the air; however, cold spots could be the start of more serious issues like a sludge build-up that can lead to a breakdown of your boiler system.

2. Insulate Your Pipes

Standing water that is produced during the condensing process can cause pipes to freeze and can cause your boiler to stop working. Keeping your pipes warm with the proper amount of insulation can help you avoid this issue.

3. Check Your Boiler’s Pressure

If your boiler loses pressure, its efficiency decrease. Your boiler’s installation guide usually has some tips on how to top up its pressure. However, if the pressure is too high, the culprit might be a leaky pressure valve, which will need to be repaired.

4. Install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Since carbon monoxide typically has no smell, the best way to ensure the safety of your family’s well-being is to install an alarm that can detect carbon monoxide leaks.

5. Schedule Routine Boiler Maintenance

Maintaining your boiler and its components may be required to stay within your warrant requirements but is also encouraged to keep it running efficiently and safely. A Brooklyn boiler expert will need to clean the appliance, inspect it to see if any repairs are needed and calibrate it to operate properly.

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Following these tips can help you and your family keep the cold weather out while keeping you warm and safe on the inside.

But, if you need assistance with your boiler’s maintenance or think you may need boiler repair or boiler installation services, feel free to call Petri Plumbing & Heating to set up an appointment. We will make sure the burner is igniting and burning properly and that warm air is circulating throughout your home’s radiators!

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