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How do I know if my home needs to be repiped?

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Your home’s plumbing system is an amazing network of pipes, valves, connections that provide a steady flow of water throughout your home. Unfortunately, this system is often neglected and the routine checks and maintenance to keep it working properly are placed on the back burner until a major problem arises.

There are symptoms your home is in need of new plumbing or repiped and if you pay attention to what these signs mean, you could prevent damage to carpets, walls, and the foundation. Have you been in the shower when another member of your family flushed the toilet turning your strong massaging shower into a pathetic dribble?

This change in water pressure signals a potential build up inside the pipes restricting water flow. Slow running faucets or a toilet that takes a considerable amount of time to refill also signals a possible build up needing prompt attention. This build up will continue to develop and over time worsen the water pressure issues throughout the house. Water color should be clean and clear, noticing red colored flakes floating in your glass suggest rust in the pipes.

If you are forced to run your water for a few minutes before it runs clear signals rust in the lines as well. Rusty plumbing needs replaced as soon as a plumber is available as this poses a potential health issue. Rust in pipes creates a noticeable odor to your water and will affect the taste. Rust stains fixtures and can build up on faucets and filters slowing the flow of water. Call a trained professional to replace rusty pipes as soon as possible.

Leaks are another sign something is awry as it is likely more than one pipe leaking. Leaks run down pipes misleading you into thinking the incorrect pipe is leaking. A leaky pipe runs the risk of bursting and flooding your home, ruining flooring and walls in the process.

A yearly inspection completed by a trained professional detects potential trouble before it becomes an expensive project. Do you need to repipe your Brooklyn home? Call Petri Plumbing at 718-748-1254 and schedule a service call for repiping immediately!

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