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How do chemical drain cleaners work?

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

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Homeowners often rely too heavily on chemical drain cleaning solutions. They may use them to attempt to resolve their plumbing problems, however the potential damage may be more costly than they are aware. There are many reason these do it yourself plumbers should avoid the chemical drain cleaners. They can contain damaging and toxic ingredients for you and your pipes, and they often don’t resolve the problem. Here is why.

Chemical drain cleaning solutions are just that. A chemical. This is the very reason they should be avoided. Chemical drain cleaners are used with the intention of breaking the blockage in the plumbing. Most people don’t consider that the chemicals used may be corrosive to their pipes. With prolonged use of the cleaners a break down occurs in the system. Potentially this may be causing more damage. That is not the only reason the chemical solutions should be avoided.

The ingredients used to make the chemical concoction may be toxic to inhale. Without proper ventilation or protection from the chemicals, breathing or other medical concerns may arise. Especially getting the potion on your skin. This can cause blistering and burns.

In addition to the chemical drain cleaners being toxic and corrosive they may not even solve the root of the problem. Professionals have special equipment that can identify the cause of the blockage. Often it may be tree roots or some other more in depth problem.

There are many reasons that homeowners should avoid using chemical drain cleaning solutions. These solutions may have chemicals that can be corrosive to plumbing and pipes. They are usually toxic to breathe. And they also may not solve the problem at hand. Relying on a professional to determine the root of the problem is the best way to avoid the potentially harmful side effects from using a chemical cleaner.

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