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House Restoration? Why Plumbing is Important

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Like many neighborhoods in New York, Brooklyn is filled with striking, beautiful, and historic architecture that deserves to be preserved. Despite the designs being timeless, the critical systems such as plumbing and heating usually are not. Outdated or damaged pipes, water heaters, and valves can often derail a restoration project. Before you begin a Brooklyn house restoration, you should consider your options with a qualified professional.

Home Inspections

When buying or restoring any home, one of the first things you should do is have the plumbing inspected by a licensed professional plumber in Brooklyn. This will give you forewarning to any potentially catastrophic issues and, allow you to better budget your restoration funds. A home inspection will also give you a leg up on making sure your building is up to code once the restoration is complete.

Pipes and Components

A building’s plumbing system is made up of numerous individual components from supply lines, waste and vent lines, fixtures, pumps, heaters, and more. When dealing with older buildings, these components tend to either be poorly maintained, damaged, or simply outdated and in some cases, one fault can cause the entire system to break down. For some restoration jobs, replacing certain components with newer pieces can complement the otherwise tried-and-true construction techniques of older structures and thus, save you money. For others, rehabbing the entire system may be the only option but hiring a professional plumber for an inspection can make that judgment call much easier.


Water Softeners

While some older components may have been built to last, energy conservation may not have been up for consideration. Replacing fixtures with water-saving “green” components and having properly sized supply lines or having pressure-reducing valves installed can not only save you money and lower your footprint, but it can maintain the antiquarian charm of your restored building.

If you’re looking to restore a build in Brooklyn, make sure your plumbing needs are covered by the area’s family company since 1906. Call Petri Plumbing at (718) 748-1254 today!

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