Home Shopping? What to Expect from an Inspection

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Now that the weather is cooler, many families take this opportunity to start shopping for a new home.

And, one of the best ways to make a more informed decision about the house you choose is to have a home inspection.

But, what should you expect from a home inspection? How can you use the results to make sure you make the right home-buying decision?

The goal of a home inspection is to uncover underlying issues in the home before you make the final offer. Here are some ways to be prepared for the home inspection phase of home buying.

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When Does the Inspection Occur?

A home inspection happens after the seller has accepted your offer but before the buying process is completed. You’ll want to schedule the inspection to happen as soon as possible once the seller has accepted your offer. This gives you time to negotiate repairs should they be necessary.

Hiring the Right Inspector

When choosing the right inspector, you’ll want to seek out someone who comes highly recommended. Ask your family, friends or even your real estate agent for a refferal.

But, you can ensure you get a reputable inspector by choosing one from the American Society of Home Inspectors or one that is certified in your state. Make sure you choose one that is knowledgeable about the type of home you’re buying. For example, if you are purchasing a historic home or a fixer-upper, you’ll want an inspector who knows older homes.

The Inspection

A home inspector should take a few hours to complete a detailed inspection and who will provide a detailed report of his or her findings. The inspector should check the roof, the structures, the plumbing and the home’s comfort systems.

An inspection isn’t a pass or fail test, but an inspector should be able to provide you with the recommended repairs or replacements that will be needed before making your purchase final. The inspection should provide you with enough information that you’ll feel confident in buying the home.

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