Heat Pumps Are More Popular, but Can They Handle Real Cold Weather?

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While the heat pump was a staple in many homes in the warm South, it hasn’t been as popular where winter starts early and stays late.

Heat pumps work by absorbing free heat from the outside air and then transferring it inside. But when the temperature drops below freezing, that free heat is no longer available. At least that’s how they used to work.

Today, many air-source heat pumps can keep your home warm while saving you money on your utility bills.

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What is a Heat Pump?

Most of us in the New York area grew up with boilers or furnaces and aren’t all that familiar with the heat pump. An electric heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling unit. It’s an air conditioner that works in two directions. In the summer, it pumps heat out while directing cool air in, and in the winter, it draws external heat into the home.

Because it gets so bitterly cold in the northern United States, these heat pumps haven’t been a popular option for anyone used to snow in November. But new technology has allowed more advanced heat pumps to extract warm air even on the coldest days.

And, because heat pumps are so energy efficient, many are opting to switch to these systems when their furnace or boiler needs to be replaced.

Energy Efficiency and Rebates

According to the MIT Technology Review, heat pumps can reach 300% to 400% efficiency. This means they put out three to four times as much energy in the form of heat as they use in electricity.

In many cases, they are also cheaper to install and operate than other systems, mainly because they serve as both the heating and cooling system within a home.

But the heat pump systems built for extremely cold climates can be more expensive. To offset those costs, the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act offers a federal tax credit that can cover up to 30% of the costs of purchase and installation.

And, with cold countries like Norway, Sweden and Finland increasingly embracing the heat pump, it’s no wonder many New Englanders are considering making the switch.

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