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Hearing Whistling Noises or Smelling Rotten Eggs? Check Your Boiler!

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Colder weather is upon us. Do you know if your boiler will make it through the winter?

Your expert Brooklyn heating contractors at Petri Plumbing & Heating don’t want you to suffer through the cold without a boiler and encourage you to check for the following issues to see if you need a boiler tune up or a boiler repair.

1. Strange Sounds

If you’re hearing clunking, gurgling or whistling noises coming from the walls or the area where the boiler sits, chances are the boiler has some mineral back-up or other issues and needs to be serviced.

2. Unpleasant Odors

If you’re smelling rotten eggs, gas could be leaking from somewhere in the boiler system while a burned metal or plastic smell can indicate circuits are overheating. Either way, you need to call in a professional technician to assess the issue.

3. Water Leaks

Sometimes detecting a leak is difficult. It could be coming from an ill-fitting pipe or sometimes it is the result of a bad pressure valve or pump seal. Whatever the issue is, a boiler expert needs to be called in before mold or other more expensive issues settle in.

4. No Heat or Hot Water

This is probably the most obvious sign your boiler is experiencing trouble. There are any number of issues that could be causing the problem but a repair or replacement will be on the horizon.

5. The Boiler Keeps Shutting Itself Off

This is usually a stop-gap precaution employed by the boiler’s temperature sensors to keep it from burning out other components. The end result is that there is a larger issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.

6. Higher-than-Normal Energy Bills

If your utility bills seem a lot higher than this time last year, it could indicate that something is causing your boiler to run less efficiently.

Help from the Brooklyn Boiler Pros

Boilers are one of the oldest and most conventional types of heating systems in the Brooklyn area. Our Brooklyn boiler experts are very familiar with all types of boilers and are qualified to repair, maintain or replace any sort of boiler work necessary.

If you think your boiler needs to be assessed for service, call Petri Plumbing & Heating to start enjoying warm air again!

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