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Green Plumbing – What is It, and How Can It Benefit Your Brooklyn Home?

Green plumbing
Green plumbing

What Is Green Plumbing?

The concept of green plumbing has been around for years and in 2000, the global initiative of conscious technicians, Green Plumbers, was formed. In the United States, Green Plumbers USA represents companies that provide their customers water treatment, climate care, water efficiency technology, and other energy and environmentally sound plumbing services. For New York City residents, the first company to earn certification from the Green Plumbers USA was your very own Brooklyn plumber, Petri Plumbing.

With constant efforts being made to raise the bar on green plumbing and heating services throughout Brooklyn and the surrounding communities, the professionals at Petri Plumbing are leading experts in the field of green plumbing. With constant updates to area building codes for efficiency, homeowners in Brooklyn and Manhattan can not only save money with green plumbing, but they can maintain compliance as well.

Green Plumbing Tips For NYC Residents

  • Insulate your water pipes: Even if the weather is turning warmer, there’s no better time than now to insulate your home plumbing. Did you know that, according to com, heating water for homes accounts for up to 30 percent of residential energy consumption? By insulating your pipes using high-grade pipe insulation, you can lower the energy expenditure needed to heat your water.
  • Install water saving features: For many Brooklyn residents, plumbing features such as faucets, shower heads and toilets are as historic as the homes they’re in. By replacing these dated units with modern, energy-efficient counterparts, you can reduce leaks, conserve water, and reduce your energy bill.
  • Inspect your home plumbing for leaks: A number of homes in Manhattan are rather old and just as dated are the pipes inside. Detecting leaks can be a difficult task, and in some cases small leaks can be unnoticeable to an untrained homeowner.

Switching To Green Plumbing


Keeping your New York City home efficient should start with evaluating the vital systems inside. While there are numerous ways to switch to green plumbing for your Brooklyn or Manhattan home, the best method is to employ the certified experts at Petri Plumbing. Each highly trained technician can properly install “green” devices and features to ensure you start saving energy and money. To find out more, contact Petri Plumbing today at (718) 748-1254.

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