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Going green is easier if you understand the benefits

Going Green Is Easier If You Understand The Benefits

Going Green Save You Money

You’ve probably heard about going green for a while now – and it’s becoming more and more common as green improvements are viewed as critical to meet the demands of our changing world.

While many feel that making green improvements to their homes is the right thing to do, others are hesitant to take the plunge because they may not fully understand the benefits or find the entire concept to be daunting.

It doesn’t have to be.

Green building has come a long way with time-tested standards like LEED guiding the way. From Manhattan condo renovations to upgrading to more energy-efficient plumbing in your Brooklyn walk-up, there are some simple and effective ways to benefit from the growing green culture.

Save Money Going Green

This is attractive to just about everyone. When you retrofit or build a residence that is energy efficient, you are setting yourself up for long-term cost savings. How can you argue with that?

Going Green Reduces Emissions

Pollution created by the fossil fuels that feed electricity contribute to climate change, smog, acid rain and other detrimental effects that can be harmful to your health.

Water Conservation

Petri Plumbing is part of Green Plumbers USA, a group that focuses on training and fully integrating environmental solutions. As a licensed Green Plumber, we offer many services to help homeowners achieve their green goals – from water audits and recommendations to installing energy efficient bath products.

Temperature Moderation By Going Green

Especially beneficial for warm summers in New York City, another benefit of green building is the ability to offset the heat retention properties of tall buildings and urban materials like concrete and asphalt.

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