Four Benefits of Switching to an Indirect Hot Water Heater

Brooklyn Water HeaterThe average household spends $400-600 per year heating water for home usage. In order to maximize energy and cost savings, investing in an energy efficient water heater could prove beneficial for your home. On average, high efficiency water heaters reduce your usage by ten to 50 percent compared to standard models.

Since we are certified by Green Plumbers USA and are also New York’s first green plumbing company, we encourage customers to use energy efficient practices while heating their homes. At Petri Plumbing, we are experts at energy-saving options for your home, including the use of indirect hot water heaters.

We’ve highlighted four benefits you will see by upgrading your traditional water heater to an indirect hot water heater:

  1. High Efficiency: Because these units use a home’s boiler as a heat source, they are typically the most efficient choice for water heaters. Additionally, the heated water is stored in tanks which allows the furnace to cycle less frequently, ultimately saving energy and money.
  2. High Productivity: Because indirect hot water heaters can store between 30 and 200 gallons of water, they produce two to three times the amount of hot water as a standard heater. Since they work in tandem with your home heating system, they also provide hot water almost instantaneously.
  3. Saves Money: By using a heat exchanger to heat water via the space heating unit, indirect hot water heaters perform at the same time you choose to heat the air indoors. This can benefit your energy bill year round but, especially so during the summer months.
  4. Reliability: Indirect hot water heaters are fairly simple and because of that, they tend to not only have a long life span, but they are easy to maintain. There are no electric elements to burn out, no direct flame to maintain, and most units are constructed out of durable stainless steel.

If you’re looking for trusted water heater solutions in Brooklyn or Manhattan, make sure your home or business is covered by the area’s family company since 1906. Call Petri Plumbing at (718) 748-1254 for Brooklyn water heater installation today!

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