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Our certified conservation techniques save water and money

Virtue is its own reward, but green plumbing services can also keep money in your wallet. Conserving water also conserves your hard-earned cash by reducing monthly utility bills.

Petri is the go-to green plumber for our Brooklyn neighbors. We were the first certified green plumber serving Brooklyn and the rest of NYC. Every day we continue learning new ways to save your household money.

As we say: “Don’t just fix your leak, fix your water bill with a green plumber!” Here are five advantages to going green with our environmentally friendly plumbing services:

  1. Save money. We provide plumbing solutions that will reduce your water consumption, lowering your utility bills. We also have intimate knowledge of local rebates and incentive programs that can save you even more money.
  2. Be on the cutting edge. Our technicians are trained in the latest science behind green plumbing principles.
  3. Support clean energy. We are certified by Green Plumbers®, a national plumbing trade organization that promotes the use of solar, wind power and other alternative energy sources to pump, clean, deliver, and recycle water.
  4. Extend your plumbing’s life. Green plumbers use the latest and best materials for pipes and other plumbing components. They replace brass and metal alloys that typically corrode and break down over time.
  5. Stay in compliance. With the city constantly updating area building codes to encourage energy-efficiency, using green plumbing not only saves money for our Brooklyn and Manhattan can neighbors, it keeps them in compliance with NYC regulations.

If you’re ready to save money and reduce your monthly utility bills, hiring a green plumber is an excellent start. Our experts are heady to help. Contact Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning today for more information on our environmentally friendly plumbing services.

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