Petri Plumbing Featured on News 12 Brooklyn!

Petri Plumbing was recently featured on News 12 Brooklyn’s segment “Making Cents with Kristie” with┬áKristie Reeter and podcaster┬áJamila Souffrant!

Petri Plumbing’s own Michael Petri offered these three pieces of expert advice on how to save money on your energy bills this summer and in the months to come:

  1. Make sure everything is tuned up properly before the season starts.
  2. In the summer (and wintertime) make sure your shades are drawn. This keeps the house both cooler and warmer.
  3. Switch your fans to turn counter clockwise, which creates a downward draft to keep you cooler.

For more advice on keeping your home cool this summer, call the air conditioner experts at Petri Plumbing in Brooklyn today!

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