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If you’ve lost that loving feeling for your bathroom this Valentine’s Day, it may be time to consider dumping it.

Now, you can’t really move it out of your home, but you can remodel it to create new sparks.

If you’ve tried upgrading your towels and painting an accent wall, but the space still looks tired and outdated, it may be time to tackle the plumbing.

And your Brooklyn plumbing experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning can help. Read on to learn about five changes you can make or projects we can tackle for you, or simply reach out to us now!

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1) Tubs and Sinks

You’d be surprised at how updating your sink and tub can make a difference to your bathroom.

If you have a house full of people, it might be a great idea to add an extra sink to your high-demand bathrooms. Deep and freestanding sinks are also popular, as are vessel sinks.

And don’t forget the tub. Freestanding tubs are all the rage. But if you’re planning to age in place at your current home, you may want to consider upgrading the tub so that it’s easier to get in and out of it.

If you have an older home and not enough bathrooms, you can have plumbing run to a smaller room and refashion it into a bathroom. Just add a shower stall and a small sink, and you have an extra powder room.

2) Fixtures and Faucets

If a new sink or tub isn’t in the budget, you can always make some slightly modern changes by changing out the fixtures and faucets.

If your faucets drip or are chipping and cracked, it’s definitely time to consider an upgrade.

Brushed metal and touchless faucets are in style and can brighten a room. Black faucets and oddly shaped faucets are also in vogue.

And we’d all like to have a rain shower head in the shower to wake us up in the morning.

3) Toilets

Finally, one of the best ways to change your bathroom is to install a newer, more efficient toilet. You can find those that have dual flush capabilities or that use pressure assistance to give your throne a more powerful flush.

And, you can also add a bidet to get a more European feel to your New York bathroom.

4) Accessible Bathroom Features

If you think you’d want to stay in your Brooklyn home into your old age, your bathroom remodeling can incorporate aging-in-place features that make the bathroom safer and easier to use.

You might consider widening the bathroom door to 36 inches so that you can fit a walker or wheelchair through the doorway.

Sinks and faucets can be installed so that they are accessible to a person who is seated or in a wheelchair.

Instead of a standard tub, you can opt for a walk-in bath or you could consider a low threshold walk-in or wheel-in shower that’s wheelchair accessible.

5) Repiping Services

You should also consider updating your pipes when you start to remodel your bathroom. Many of the pipes in Brooklyn’s homes are older and outdated. Repiping will help you replace corroded, broken or outdated pipes with new plumbing that is designed to allow water to flow smoothly through your home’s system.

If you have green corrosion spots, broken or cracked fittings or unsightly black spots, chances are you need new pipes.

Brooklyn Bathroom Remodeling Pros

There are a number of things you can do to make your bathroom feel luxurious and look great. Petri’s renovation service includes redesigning your space so that it works better for you.

If we can help you fall in love with your bathroom again, give Petri a call or contact us online!

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