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Easy Steps to Troubleshoot Your Air Conditioner

Isn’t it a nasty surprise when you come home to an unusually warm house in the middle of summer? It’s enough to set your teeth on edge and send you racing to call for service.

air conditioner troubleshooting

But wait. Before you call, make sure it’s not something you can fix on your own. If your Brooklyn air conditioning system isn’t cooling your home, there may be an easy explanation. Follow these steps, then call for air conditioning repair service if they don’t work.

Check Your Filter

Take a look at the air return filter inside your home. If it’s clogged and dirty, change it out. It may seem too simple, but a dirty air filter makes your whole system work harder to get air, meaning it just can’t perform like it needs to. It could be the reason behind your air conditioner’s problems.

Check Your Thermostat

Take a quick look at your thermostat. Is it on? Is it set to cool? If it’s battery-operated, how long has it been since you changed the batteries? Make sure none of these is the reason before calling for service.

Check Your Breakers

Next, head to your home’s main electrical panel and take a look at the breakers. Hopefully, these are clearly labeled, but if not, the air conditioner will be on one of the large double circuits. Push it all the way to the on position, then try turning on the system. If this fixes the problem, great. But if the breaker immediately flips again when the system comes on, you will need to call a professional.

Check Your Air Vents

Walk around your house and check all the air vents. Make sure none of them are blocked or closed, including in unused rooms. Remove any rugs, drapes or furniture that might be in the way. Again, this seems almost too easy, but obstructed vents can cause much bigger problems with your system.

Check the Outside Unit

Finally, check the outside air conditioning unit. Is there any debris or vegetation blocking airflow to the unit? Ideally, there should be at least two feet of clearance around the sides of the outside unit and five feet of clearance above it.

If none of these steps work to get your AC cooling again, it’s time to call a professional. Your friends at Petri Plumbing & Heating are ready to help you get back on track when your AC breaks down. Just call us at (718) 748-1254 or contact us online today.

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