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Drains and Sewer Maintenance

For Brooklyn residents, summer time means enjoying the sun and outdoor activities available in the borough, but summer time also brings thunderstorms that can lead to overflowing sewers and drains. That means it’s time for drain and sewer maintenance! If your Brooklyn home has clogged drains, you could suffer damage from water that collects in your home. The Petri Plumbing and drain experts can help keep your Brooklyn drains clear and flowing smoothly all summer long!

Drain and Sewer Maintenance

As Brooklyn drain and sewer experts, we have seen the effects to homes throughout our area from drains and sewers that are not working properly. If you are dealing with slow running, clogged or damaged drains, we recommend the following tips: 

Summer Drain Maintenance Tips:

Examine your Drains: Make sure that you have grates to prevent hair and other debris from going down your drains. Pour water in your drains to determine the speed of draining; if drains are slow, we would recommend having a professional plumber snake your drains to ensure easy water flow.

Check your Crawlspace and Foundation: If you have ponding water or excessive moisture in your foundation or crawlspace, this could indicate drain issues that can become much worse during summer thunderstorms. Not only can excessive water cause damage to your foundation or crawlspace, but this can also be a breeding ground for mold.

Dispose of food waste properly: Summertime means more outdoor barbecues for residents, but be careful of how you dispose of your food. If you use your garbage disposal to dispose of greasy food, make sure that you use preventative maintenance to ensure that your plumbing lines aren’t clogged.

Teach your children: When school lets out, many children spend more time at home than during the school year. Make sure that younger children don’t put any toys or other items into toilets that can cause clogs or damage to your household plumbing systems.

Summer Sewer Maintenance Tips:

Eliminate litter: If sewer drains are located near your property, inspect for any signs of litter or debris and remove them immediately. Sewer drains clogged with litter can cause severe backups and drive water from the sewer onto your property.

Minimize Water use during storms: While the most common concern regards the possibility of electrocution when in contact with water during thunderstorms, using higher volumes of water during storms can cause additional strain on water systems that are already burdened by excessive water.

Keeping your Brooklyn drains, sewer and plumbing lines in outstanding condition will help Brooklyn homeowners avoid trouble from storms during the summer months. If you need drain or sewer maintenance or repair for your Brooklyn area home, give Petri Plumbing a call at (718) 748-1254 and let the Petri’s Plumbing team help you today!

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