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One of the most exciting times of your life will be when you get the keys to your home and you and your family walk through those doors as a homeowner. These last few weeks have been stressful to say the least, and you want to get unpacked and enjoy your home for years to come. Although you may have paid for the house to be inspected, you might want to consider one more inspection now that you own the home. The importance of a Brooklyn plumbing inspection for new homeowners can not be stressed enough, and now is the perfect time to get one done.

Before you settle into the house, consider calling a professional local plumber and have them do a plumbing inspection today. This way if they do detect a potential problem, they can fix it more easily without having to move or inconvenience you in any way. The empty house makes the ideal conditions for an inspection to take place. While you might think that the home looks perfectly fine, behind the walls could be problems on the verge of becoming plumbing emergencies.

Brooklyn Plumbing Inspection

When the plumbing was installed in the home, several contractors were on the job to get it in place before several key deadlines approached. If any of those connections were not completely correctly, small leaks can be happening right now behind the walls or in the ceilings of the house. It could take a small drip months or years to show the damage on the interior of the home, and the sooner this leak is detected, the less money it will cost to make the repairs to the pipe and the surrounding area.

Connections to all your sinks, toilets, and shower, need to be tight to ensure water is not trickling out and causing potential problems. A leaking toilet on the second floor could go unnoticed for years if it only drips when flushed. The water could be traveling along a beam, or pooling up above the ceiling in a closet where you might never think to look up. The professional plumbing specialist will perform a pressure test on all the pipes to see if any leaks are detected, then hunt them down to see if any damage has been occurring.

The importance of a plumbing inspection for new homeowners can not be understated. Spend a few dollars now before you move in and find out everything about the system, or wait until a problem becomes and emergency and be prepared to spend thousands to make those repairs.

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