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Dependable Heat for Less Money: Advantages of Tankless Boilers


It’s summer in Brooklyn. Enjoy the heat while you can. A brutal NYC winter awaits in a matter of months. When it comes, are you looking to keep your home warm for less money? Your friends at Petri Plumbing can advise you on the latest tankless boiler technology to help.

Energy efficiency

Home boiler systems work by heating water that is pumped throughout the house. A tankless boiler can be up to 98 percent energy efficient. This can mean quite a drop in monthly utility bills if you’re replacing an older or heavily used boiler, which can have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating of just 50 percent.

A new tankless boiler from Petri Plumbing will heat your Brooklyn home more efficiently and comfortably while saving you money each month.  Almost double the energy efficiency means that your boiler is no longer wasting half of the energy you’d pay for each month to run older models.

Fuel consumption

Tankless boilers take up far less space than traditional models. They can cut fuel consumption by up to 53 percent compared to conventional systems. You can pay for the cost of the new boiler in just two years from the money you’ll save on natural gas.

After the installation, you’ll want to have the boiler regularly maintained to protect your investment and to get the longest life and most performance out of the system. Petri Plumbing, your neighborhood expert on tankless boilers, is happy to help out with these services.

Repair services

We’re certified to repair or replace Viessmann, Baxi, Noritz, Navien, Bosch, and other brands. We are also certified to repair or replace standard atmospheric boilers such as Burnham, Weil McLain, New Yorker, Slant/Fin, and H.B. Smith.

Summer is good time to learn about the advantages of a tankless boiler from the experts at Petri Plumbing. If you are ready to learn more, contact us anytime at (718) 748-1254.

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