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Cut Down on Water Usage in Your Brooklyn Home

Check Out These Five Water-saving Tips

Brooklyn is blessed with high quality drinking water, but it’s important for our neighbors to do their part to protect one of our most important resources. Not only does saving water help the environment, but it saves your hard-earned money through lower utility bills.

Whether you actually use it or not, you end up paying for every drop of water piped into your home. Here are some tips to cut down on waste and save money:

  1. Upgrade your bathroom. A shower can use 40 gallons of water within five minutes. Petri Plumbing can install a low-flow shower head to cut down on the waste. Reduce water usage even more — up to 40-50 percent — by installing low-flush toilets.
  2. Identify leaks in your home. A worn-out washer in a faucet can waste 30 gallons per day. If you have two or three leaking faucets, you can do the math. We can make sure your fixtures stay in fine shape.
  3. Don’t wash dishes by hand. It may seem counterintuitive, but using a dishwasher saves a lot of water, especially if you only run it when it’s full. It also gives you an excuse to avoid the drudgery of washing dishes in your sink.
  4. Shut off the tap. Don’t let water go to waste by leaving it running while you shave or brush your teeth. Even a few gallons a day can add up over a year.
  5. Rain barrel. Collect rain water to use for watering your lawn or plants.

Don’t take clean water for granted. Petri Plumbing can help our Brooklyn neighbors save water and some money in the process. Call us today at (718) 748-1254 for a professional inspection of your home’s plumbing to ensure you are achieving maximum water savings.

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