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Combatting Sewer Problems in Your Brooklyn Home

As summer temperatures drive our Brooklyn neighbors inside to enjoy their air conditioning, the last thing they want is a backed-up sewer line to drive them right back out. If you have sewer issues, though, a professional plumber can quickly get the problem sorted out.

Signs of sewer trouble

The worst sewer problems are easily detected by anyone with a nose once everything backs up. If a pipe bursts or your sewer line starts leaking, you’ll need to call in the experts right away to repair or replace them.

Professional plumbers can repair broken sewer lines.

There are other signs that your system is in trouble. This could be clogged drains, issues flushing the toilet, or pooling water in your yard. The professionals at Petri Plumbing are experts at troubleshooting sewer issues and can quickly diagnose any problems within the lines. Pro tip: It’s probably not alligators, but we offer video sewer inspections as an economical way to make sure and determine what exactly is impeding the flow of wastewater out of your home.

Taking a closer look with sewer video inspection

Our technicians will use a very small camera to explore the whole length of the drain pipe. The visual inspection will show the technician anything going on within the line and zero in on the source of the problem without costly excavations.

Causes of sewer line trouble

Clogs can be caused by a while range of issues: from that toy that your toddler flushed to build-ups of hair or grease or organic matter. The problem might call for our technicians to clear out your sewer lines. If the need exists, we can also replace broken or worn-out pipes

At Petri Plumbing, we’re glad to take care of all sewer line issues you might face. Our professionals will ensure you can enjoy the summer comfortably in your own home with economical and quick repairs. Call us today at (718) 748-1254.

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