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Cold Shower? It May be Time for a New Water Heater

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It’s mid-January in Brooklyn. Snow is on the ground and ice is hanging from the eaves. You hit the shower to get ready for work and end up with water as cold as the frost on the windows.

While this is probably a sure-fire way to figure out that your water heater needs repair or replacing, there are other indicators that it may be time to replace your old unit before you reach the cold-shower stage.

Read on to learn some early indicators that it’s time to replace your water heater or give our water heater pros a call now!

1. Your Water Heater is Making Odd Noises

Some water heaters will start making banging or rumbling noises because of sediment build-up at the bottom of the tank. As the water heats up, the sediment hardens and knocks around on the tank.

2. Your Water Heater is Old

If you can’t remember when you last purchased your water heater or it came with the home you bought 10 years ago, chances are it needs to be replaced. Water heaters generally start to wear down after about 10 years. You can check to see if there is a sticker with the installation date on the tank or you can write down the serial number and check with the manufacturer to get an age.

3. Your Water Heater is Leaking

If you see puddles around the water heater, the chances of a small crack are great. Water heater tanks expand and contract when the water heats up and then gets used and this can cause damage to the tank over time.

4. Your Hot Water Doesn’t Last Long

Water heaters not only take longer to heat water as they age, the build up of sediment also begins taking up more room in the tank, providing less storage for the heated water.

5. There’s Rusty Water Coming from the Taps

Rusty water is generally a sign of an exhausted anode rod. Sometimes these can be replaced on newer models, but if the water heater is already nearing the 10-year mark, it’s best to simply replace the entire system.

Get Help from the Brooklyn Water Heater Experts

At Petri Plumbing & Heating, we offer a wide variety of water heaters including indirect, traditional and tankless units. Each style has its benefits and we can recommend the one that is right for your home and budget.

If you suspect your water heater needs replacing, reach out to our expert Brooklyn plumbers before you end up having to take a cold shower in 25-degree weather.

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