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Clean Drains To Avoid Plumbing Problems

Clean Drains

As we think of spring, many homeowners in our area are beginning to start the task of spring cleaning their homes. One of the most important steps you can take as a part of your spring cleaning ritual is to make sure that you have clean drains in your home. If you have noticed that your drains are not working well, you can count on the drain cleaning Brooklyn experts at Petri Plumbing to help you with all of your plumbing needs. 

Making sure that your drains are clear can not only help lower the risk of having a major plumbing issue, but properly running drains can also help the environment as well. The best ways to clean drains and your water running smoothly include:

Protect And Clean Your Drains

Most clogs can be traced back to foreign items that find their way into your kitchen sink, home toilets and bathroom or shower drains. In your kitchen sink, grease poured into a drain can congeal on the interior of piping walls, slowing your water flow and when combined with food in a drain, can quickly seal your plumbing, causing a clog. In home toilets, foreign objects or excessive toilet paper can cause clog and overflow, leading to a mess. Bathroom and shower drains can be easily clogged by hair and gooey hair care products that will make a small clog into a big problem fast.

Look Outside

A beautiful tree in your yard can play havoc on your home plumbing if roots extend into your pipes. Tree roots can be invasive when they wrap around your buried plumbing and choke off your water supply or by breaking through your existing plumbing and growing larger, fed by the water in your plumbing. If you have noticed that your water pressure is slowing but you can’t find evidence of clogs in your home, the culprit may be in your yard!

Ditch The Clean Drain Chemicals And Call A Plumber

When faced with a clog in a home, most homeowners turn to bottled chemicals that are designed to fix clogs, but these chemicals can sometimes do more damage if used repeatedly. Continuous use of chemicals can damage your pipes while also hurting the environment.

If you are dealing with clogged drains, the Brooklyn plumbing and Manhattan plumber team at Petri Plumbing can fix your drains and help you get prepared for a great spring and summer!  If you need drain cleaning assistance, contact Petri Plumbing at (718) 748-1254 today for fast, quick, reliable service!

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