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Caring for Stressed-Out Summer Plumbing

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Summer months can wreak havoc on your plumbing.  Between the blistering heat, the hot-off-the-grill cookouts and the steady stream of outdoor activities, your plumbing is working harder than ever right now to keep up with the showering, laundry and other water demands. To keep your plumbing operating at peak performance, the experts at Brooklyn’s Petri Plumbing have some suggestions. 

When cleaning up after the barbeque, resort to the dishwasher over handwashing to sanitize dishes and utensils. According to the Consumer Energy center, today’s energy-efficient dishwashers typically use as much as 37 percent less water than washing dishes by hand, so load the dishwasher up. Skipping the dry cycle is another way you can save energy.

Summer is Stressful On Your Sewer System

Sewer line backups are a common problem in the summer. Summer rains can enter sewer pipes through cracks causing backup. Trees can be a culprit, too, with their roots often stretching toward sewer lines in search of moisture and nutrition. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so contact Petri Plumbing of Brooklyn today about inspecting your sewer lines. They will check for potential problems and advise you on how to best keep your drains clean.

Make sure your washing machine is able to keep up with the influx of dirty clothes in the summer. Inspect the hoses for leaks, bulges and cracks. If you come across any, call the Petri Plumbing professionals to take care of it before it results in a burst hose.

Keep an eye out for leaks on all water sources in your home. A little dampness could indicate a big problem. Since some leaks are difficult to pinpoint, watch your water meter during a period of time when no water is being used. If it moves, then you have a leak.  Contact Petri Plumbing online or at (718) 748-1254 and we will find and fix it in no time!

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