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Benefits Of Having A Water Softener System In Your Brooklyn Home

Soften Your Water and Save Money

Brooklyn Water Softener System
Water Softener

Over 75% of residences in the United States receive what is referred to as hard water. Hard water is the term used for water that has an excess of calcium, magnesium and other minerals. While typically safe to drink, these minerals have a tendency to wreak havoc on plumping appliances and faucets. Hard water can lead to clogged drains, decreased life of appliances and increased water heating cost. The most cost effective way to combat these undesirable minerals is to install a water softener system. Simply put, a water softener removes the problem.

The water softening system that you choose is up to you. A water softener that is low in maintenance and lasts for several years will be the most cost effective. Generally, the cost involved in purchasing and maintaining a water softener is outweighed by the benefits and savings gained in the long run. So why not just continue to unclog your drains and scrub the build up off of your faucets?

A water softener uses sodium to replace magnesium and calcium ions which creates a change is the chemical composition of your water. This may scare some people and cause them to believe that they will not be able to drink their tap water. If this really concerns you then add a filter to your faucet. Soft water contains less salt than a slice of bread and is perfectly safe for all your household needs so long as your system is properly maintained.

On average a water softener will cost a person around .20 to .40 cents per day. That equals a monthly cost of $6 to $8 dollars; which is an extremely affordable rate. The biggest money saver behind all of this is that your washing machine, dishwasher, water heater and air conditioning unit will last significantly longer. All the hard water spots on your dishes will disappear and the overall health of your home plumbing system will improve drastically. It would be a bad idea not to own one.

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