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Benefits of Automatic Bathroom Fixtures

Brooklyn Bathroom Fixtures

Due to the sanitary issues around germs on restroom surfaces, most businesses, homes, and public places are moving towards the safer option of automated faucets, automated flushers, automated soap and paper towel systems and more devices that are touch free for the restroom.

Evidence does show that automated flushers, faucets and other bathroom devices can easily reduce the risk of contamination and infections. Even the Center for Disease Control has said that frequent washing of the hands is a great way to stop the spreading of diseases. Most people today prefer not using the restroom when away from home because of the risks associated. Those that do use public restroom facilities have reported that they try at all costs to avoid touching anything in a public restroom. They will use their elbows to open bathroom doors, they use their shoes to flush the toilet, and pull extra paper towels to grab the door handle to the restroom when they are leaving.

With automated equipment like Petri Plumbing & Heating, Inc. can install, people can feel safe washing their hands, rinsing, and drying with only one touch and that being a paper towel.

Automated faucets are going to save water because the water does not run unless it is activated by the hand. As soon as the hands are removed, the water automatically turns off. Some people leave water running much longer when using a manual faucet which in turn cost more money. For businesses and larger facilities, it has been proven that automated bathroom faucets are a great investment and pay for themselves quickly. The same goes for automated flushers. Toilets are not being left without flushing and waste sitting behind with automated flushers. Sometimes toilets are left to sit because people don’t want to touch the handles which present a safety issue.

Automated bathroom flushers and sinks help with people who are weak or have specific illnesses and they don’t want to touch the restroom equipment. The self-activation of these things made the process much simpler for everyone.

Automated bathroom facilities also take care of the puddles and globs of soap sitting around bathroom sinks which is where germs can manifest. The free touch faucets makes it simple because there is no lifting the hands from the sink to the soap as it’s all done right under the sink.

Automated bathroom facilities leave the place smelling and looking much cleaner and fresher and reduce the major risk of germs passing along to others. Call Petri Plumbing & Heating, Inc. today to find out how they can help you!

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