Benefits Of An Annual Leak Detection Service Call In Brooklyn

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Not checking your water lines yearly can be costly.

Not checking your water lines yearly, can be costly.
Be proactive with leak detection

There is nothing worse than a leaky faucet, except for a leaking pipe. Water can be an extremely destructive force. It doesn’t take much time, or even a lot of water to cause costly damage. Just a small amount of water can destroy drywall, carpeting and even cause significant damage to a hardwood floor. Even after the damage is repaired, water may have leaked into hidden areas, and if left unnoticed, can cause dangerous mold to grow in your home.

The junctions, and the joints where fixtures and shut off valves are located, are very vulnerable to erosion. Also, rubber gaskets in faucets and on spouts, dry out and leak easily. Another gasket that is particularly vulnerable is the one inside of you toilet tank. The rubber stopper inside of the tank needs to be supple or water will leak. This leak is seldom detected by a homeowner until they get their water bill and wonder why it has gone up. Lawn sprinkler and drip systems are also notorious for leaking. Leaks in this system can cause massive soil erosion, swampy like bogs and hollow spots in your lawn.

Over time, water lines endure a great deal of stress, from high pressure water, contracting and expanding soil, roots from trees and other vegetation, and imperfections in the actual metal of the piping, even some burrowing animals can damage water lines. A break or even a small leak under your home can cause very costly damage. But, water pipes are not always in easy to reach places, and shut of valves sometimes require a special key to operate. Small drips that seem simple to repair can be made difficult by unforeseen complications. It is best to have a professional handle your plumbing needs. 

But, don’t wait for your lines to start dripping or for damage to occur. Avoid leaking water problems. Have your water lines checked for leaks yearly. Repairing a leak can be easier and less expensive than repairing the damage water, from an undetected leak, can cause. Prevention is less costly than repair, so call us at 718-748-1254 for a leak detection service call and make sure everything in your house is running fine!

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