6 Safety Tips Every Furnace Owner Should Know

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We rely a lot on our furnace this time of year.

Whether you’ve been outside having fun building snowmen or if you’re simply just coming home from a long day at the office, having your home remain both toasty warm and safe is comforting.

Your Brooklyn heating experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning know that with a little tender, loving care, your furnace will stay effective for years to come.

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Follow these tips to ensure you are also operating it safely, as well:

  1. Create a safe zone around your furnace. Keep it clear of flammable objects like cloth or furniture and don’t place items within three feet of it.
  2. Check the batteries in your alarms. While detectors aren’t technically a part of the furnace, they work in tandem with it to make sure your home doesn’t fill with natural gas, carbon monoxide or smoke before you can easily escape. Check your batteries at least twice a year and make sure your alarms are in good working order.
  3. Have your furnace tuned up. Have a professional come in at least once a year to ensure your furnace is clean and in good condition to last through the winter. An expert can let you know if there are any serious concerns that should be fixed before cold weather starts.
  4. Keep it clean. Make sure you dust your furnace often and change your filter regularly. If your furnace is hidden in some deep part of your home, you can easily forget about it. Make sure you take a trip to visit it at least twice a year to make sure it’s clear of dust and debris.
  5. Watch your furnace for warning signs. If you smell a burning odor, your home remains cold while the furnace is running, the furnace makes a lot of noise, you smell gas, or if the pilot light is burning yellow or won’t burn at all, then you need to call in a professional immediately. All of these are signs your furnace is malfunctioning.
  6. Don’t block air vents. This is especially important if you have a gas furnace. Gas furnaces use circulating air to keep the house warm. If your furnace can’t get enough fresh air, you could develop a build-up of natural gases in the air.

If you suspect your furnace is not functioning properly, don’t wait. Call Petri today to schedule an appointment. Don’t risk your family’s safety or suffering through the remainder of the cold Brooklyn winter by putting it off.

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