5 Tips to Troubleshoot Furnace Issues

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You walk into your home after a long day at work and discover it’s cold and your Brooklyn furnace doesn’t appear to be working.

Few things are more bothersome in the winter months than having to deal with a finicky furnace but your Brooklyn HVAC experts at Petri Plumbing, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning, Heating, Cooling & Drain Cleaning would like to offer you a few tips to troubleshoot your issues before you call in the pros for furnace repair in Brooklyn:

  1. Check the filter
  2. Check the flame
  3. Check the pilot light
  4. Check the thermostat
  5. Check the furnace switch and electrical panel

Read on to learn more or reach out to our Brooklyn heating experts now!

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1) Check the Filter

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your filter, chances are it is clogged with dirt and dust. This impeded airflow worsens your home’s air quality and can even prevent the furnace from working correctly

2) Check the Flame

Your furnace’s flame should be a healthy blue color and might have a small, yellow tip. If the flame is red, solid yellow, purple, green or any color other than blue, you need to contact a professional right away. This is a sign of a combustion issue that could cause an increased amount of carbon monoxide.

3) Check the Pilot Light

If there is no flame at all, you may need to relight the pilot light. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to relight the pilot light but, if you’re unsure how to do it correctly, call in an expert.

4) Check the Thermostat

Make sure the thermostat is on, set to heat and does not need batteries. Sometimes dirt and debris can build up in electromechanical thermostats and they need a gentle dusting. Use a small paintbrush to lightly brush off the dust on the metal coils and contact plates.

5) Check the Furnace Switch and Electrical Panel

Make sure the furnace has not tripped a breaker and that the power is turned on at the breaker box. If it is off, you turn it back on and it trips again, you may have an electrical issue that needs to be addressed by an electrician or a professional furnace repairman.

Furnace Maintenance is Key

But the best way to prevent future furnace problems is to have your furnace tuned up before cold snaps can wreak havoc on your home and its creature comfort systems. Regular furnace maintenance in Brooklyn not only helps your furnace run well throughout the winter, it also lets you know which parts might be wearing and corrects issues before they happen.

Brooklyn Furnace Experts Ready to Help!

If you need help fixing your furnace, Petri’s professional technicians are available. And, if your furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan, we can also help install a new one. Give us a call at Petri! We’ll work with you to get any furnace service repairs, replacements or installations you need to complete quickly.

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