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5 Signs Your Water Heater is Acting Up

Water Heater Repair

You use hot water for nearly everything ranging from doing your dishes to doing your laundry and taking baths or showers. When your hot water heater needs to be replaced, you’ll have to resort to using cold water. Prevent this from happening by recognizing the signs that indicate your water heater is acting up. Following are 5 additional signs your water heater needs to be repaired or replaced.

The age of your hot water heater is a good indicator of needing to replace it. The average life expectancy for a gas water heater is from 8 to 12 years, an electric hot water lasts from 10 to 15 years and tankless systems are meant to last for up to 25 years. The serial number on the tank should indicate the month and year it was built. If you purchased the home from someone else and essentially inherited it, you may want to consider calling your local plumber for a water heater replacement. They can help you decide which water heater is the best choice for your home’s needs, and which would be much more cost-effective and energy efficient than the one you already have.

You may also want to consider a replacement if your hot water is discolored, especially when you first turn it on. It’s a good idea to purchase a new hot water heater if your hot water runs out more frequently than you recall. If you notice rust anywhere around the heater, then it is a good indication that you have a leak somewhere and should get it fixed. Look around the fittings on the tank and inspect it for a pile of rust, which may indicate damage.

Replacement may also be necessary if your hot water tank is not meeting your needs. The tank should have an estimated capacity on it to indicate how much hot water it delivers during its peak demand. You’ll want one that is large enough to accommodate your family’s needs.

Another indicator is if you experience an unexpected increase in your energy bills due to inefficiency. If you see a spike in your water bill each month, contact your local plumber for an in-home consultation so they can help you lower costs and energy use.

The more obvious signs include a lack of hot water completely or if the area surrounding the hot water tank is wet. In either of these cases, you’ll need to contact your local plumber right away to check out your water heater for major issues.

Don’t let a bad hot water heater sit unattended. The cost savings over time and lack of frustration make the investment worthwhile.

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