5 Reasons To Get A Water Softener For Your Home

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Benefits of a water softener system

Benefits of installing water softener in Brooklyn, NY

Hard water can build up mineral deposits in your pipes. Over time this can lead to reduced water flow and pressure or can cause complete pipe blockages. It can also lead to corrosion and burst pipes all of which require costly professional plumbing repairs. Using a water softener prevents mineral deposits from building up in your pipes and ruining your plumbing system.

The water we use to wash our skin and hair has a great effect on our appearance. Hard water does not dissolve soaps and shampoos properly, leaving build up on your hair and skin. Hard water can dry out the skin and hair causing it to develop a rough texture and become dull in appearance. The buildup of soap residue and minerals can cause the pores of your skin to clog causing existing skin issues like acne to become worse. Using soft water will help restore proper pH balance to your skin and hair and reduce build up on the skin helping to control skin conditions like acne and dermatitis.

Like with soaps and shampoos, hard water affects the chemistry in other cleaning agents. Cleaning products, like soaps and detergents, do not lather, clean or rinse properly reducing their effectiveness. This can cause build ups that can ruin surfaces, dishes, and appliances. It also leads to greater expenses in purchasing cleaning products as more of the product must be used. Soft water works with the chemistry of the detergents and liquids so they clean and rinse properly for more effective cleaning.
Regular maintenance of homes with hard water becomes much more time consuming and expensive. Special cleaners made to remove hard water deposits must be used to clean and maintain all appliances and surfaces that use or come into contact with the hard water. From soaking shower heads to clearing boilers and water heaters, removing water deposits is essential for maintaining your home with hard water. It is however a problem that can be easily combatted with a water softening system.
Most people don’t think of the cost and expense of clothes, but clothes are often a casualty of hard water. Because detergents do not lather, clean or rinse properly which weakens the fibers in the material. If you find your clothes are fading quickly, the fabrics becoming fragile or thin then hard water is a likely culprit. With good water softening system clothes maintain their color better and last longer.

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