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3 Reasons You Need a Smart Thermostat

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Most of us are aware of smartphones and smart TVs.

But there are also smart thermostats. And, these devices can save you money on your utility bills.

In addition to an increase in electric bills, many parts of the country have seen extreme weather conditions, too. This means that many families are struggling to maintain their home’s ideal temperature.

Smart thermostats are a great investment for people who want to save money on utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint.

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1.     Lower Energy Bills

While you can set a programmable thermostat to run less while you’re out of the house at work all day, a smart thermostat actually monitors your consumption patterns. For example, it can detect when no one is home and will reduce your usage. It also knows when you’re on vacation and cuts your usage for a longer duration.

Because it monitors your consumption, it can also recommend the best ways to cut costs. This results in lower utility bills.

2.     Control Your Usage from Anywhere

If you’re one of those families who has a hectic schedule without a regular routine, a smart thermostat can help. By pairing it with an app on your phone or tablet, you can manually control your thermostat from wherever you are.

Many of these apps also allow you to use the geofencing feature on your phone to control your home’s thermostat. If you are a certain distance from your home for a longer period of time, the smart thermostat will regulate your home’s temperature when you are away. It will also take note when you are nearing your house and reset the temperature so your home will be more comfortable by the time you arrive.

3.     Your Thermostat “Learns” Your Routine

Finally, a smart thermostat can keep your energy bills lower because it learns, or adapts, to your routine. These thermostats monitor your schedule and your preferred temperature levels throughout the day to learn best practices.

Smart thermostats can also monitor your area’s weather data and adjust your heating or cooling accordingly.

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