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Many homeowners have plumbing issues that can cause major property damage. However, damage can be avoided if our emergency plumbing services are used. Although there are many plumbing problems, some problems are not considered plumbing emergencies. Our technicians provide advice about the proper procedures that are required during a plumbing emergency, helping homeowners avoid costly repairs.

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What is a Plumbing Emergency? Services and Prevention

Our technicians have handled many plumbing emergencies. Because of this, we understand what procedures to use during toilet clogs and other emergencies. Individuals should shut off the water using the main water valve. Homeowners who do not know the location of this particular valve should ask our technicians for advice. For other leaks, using the water near a specific appliance or fixture is recommended.

One of the most challenging kinds of leaks is a busted pipe. To prevent a busted pipe, our services will be needed. On the coldest days, ice will generate in the pipes. When this happens, the pressure causes the pipes to burst. Proper prevention involves using the most efficient pipes, such as insulated pipes. Our technicians understand the benefits of various kinds of pipes. For example, plastic pipes handle cold weather better than other pipes.

Toilet clogs also cause damage when the toilet is flushed. Toilet clogs are very easy to prevent. Most clogs are caused when homeowners flush items that are not supposed to be flushed. These particular items sit in the waste pipe. Our technicians must remove these items to prevent a major clog. Kids also cause many toilet clogs because they do not know the proper amount of toilet paper to use. Toilet paper will dissolve in the water. However, huge wads will not flush down the drain. Because of this, huge wads should be flushed using more than one flush.

Kitchen drain problems are also considered plumbing emergencies. When the kitchen drain is clogged, there will be no place to handle common kitchen tasks. Our technicians understand how important the kitchen drain is to homeowners. When homeowners need our services, we handle clogged drains fast and efficiently. To prevent kitchen clogs, do not use food and grease near the drain.

A faucet plumbing emergency is a serious emergency because it causes damage, and the water can increase the water bill. Because of this, when a faucet has a slow leak or a fast leak, consider hiring one of our technicians. A slow leak can increase the water bill over time. However, our technicians will repair the leak and offer advice, so leaks will not be a problem again. The best way to prevent a faucet emergency involving buying a new faucet. Older faucets will gain issues over the years. New faucets have advanced features, so they will not require maintenance often.

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