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Plumbing and Heating Services in Southwestern Brooklyn NY

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Many homeowners encounter plumbing problems with no preparation, luckily, Petri Plumbing is here to help! We are only minutes away and fully equipped to restore your plumbing to safe and functional repair.
We not only strive to ensure that the plumbing system in your Southwestern Brooklyn home or business is in peak condition but that it’s fitted with money-saving fixtures as well. Take a look at what your neighbors are saying in our customer reviews.


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We also…

  • Are New York’s first green plumbing company.
  • Provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Offer preferred scheduling to Petri Priority Customers.
  • Have ongoing training to keep our staff professional and reliable.
  • Are EPA approved Water Sense Partners.

What is a Plumbing Emergency?

Our technicians handle plumbing emergencies fast. Common plumbing emergencies involve pipe leaks, frozen pipes, clogged drains, clogged toilets, and faucet malfunctions. During most emergency situations, homeowners should shut off the water at the main water supply to reduce property damage.

Pipe leaks cause serious damage. When a pipe bursts, a professional technician should tackle the repairs. The pipe will need to be replaced efficiently. Frozen pipe problems are more risky. The best solution to this problem involves prevention. The pipe must be insulated properly by a trained professional. When a pipe bursts because of harsh, winter weather conditions, hire one of our technicians quickly.

Clogged drains and clogged toilets are also common plumbing emergencies. A clogged drain is considered an emergency when a plunger or drain cleaner does not solve the problem. Major toilet clogs will require advanced plumbing services when the water will not flush properly.

Faucet malfunctions are sometimes risky depending on the faucet. Most issues can be solved by using the shutoff valve under the sink. If there is no valve, use the main water supply value. However, cartridge faucets will require professional repair services because they have advanced components.

What are Some Water Heater Problems?

Most homeowners hire our technicians because their units take a long time to reheat. This could be a thermostat problem, or the problem could be caused by the lower element or lower thermostat. Sediment build up at the bottom of the tank may also cause this problem. Another common repair project involves a unit that has water that gets too hot. Generally, this problem is caused by the thermostat setting; it may be too high. Also, the thermostat could be malfunctioning. Our technicians also repair water heaters that have noisy heating elements. This issue occurs when there is a scale of the elements. Noise is also possible when a device has the wrong elements. Our technicians will either replace or clean the elements.

How Can I Prevent Toilet Clogs?

Toilet clogs are caused by various items. Generally, the toilet should not be used as a trash can because many items will build up in the waste pipe. Simple tasks, however, can prevent minor clogs before they are major. When a toilet flushes slowly, using a plunger is highly recommended. Failure to use the toilet properly will cause a major clog over time, and our services will be needed. However, regular maintenance is not enough, professional cleaning services should be sought once or twice a year to keep your drains running smoothly.


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