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Keeping a house or building warm and cozy is usually done with a boiler of the accurate size and model needed for the specific space it will go in. When it comes to keeping the warmth of a space, boilers have always done a great job. Here at Petri Plumbing, we will install or repair any problems that may occur with yours.

What is a Boiler?

Boilers are a vessel made from a metallic alloy that contain two primary features. They are a basin of water and a heating mechanism that will elevate the temperature of water to a constant around 180 F. Once the temperature of water is achieved, that heated water will either be steamed or traveled as is through a connection of pipes.

These pipes help the heated source to travel throughout a building structure and into rooms where they are intended to be used. Once entering the room, the steam or water may or may not fill a radiator system. Radiators are pipped accessories with numerous ridges that allow water or steam to be filled throughout it. They in turn act as a source of radiated heat.

Whether a radiator or a set of walled pipes are used, the heat source of water and steam will then travel back through its piping system to arrive again inside the boiler. This arrival will start the process of heating again and will help to keep a consistent temperature throughout a dwelling.

Does My Boiler Require Maintenance?

Though the inside of a boiler and its relative piping system is never seen by the naked eye, there are valuable reasons why they need periodic maintenance. Interestingly, sediment can build up in a boiler system and introduce a slow but eventually apparent decline in function.

Contact us about the right procedures that will flush your boiler system so that it runs and functions well. Here are a few things to look out for when you suspect that your boiler is not functioning properly: off-colored water, excessive noises from over pressurization, cold radiators, longer time frames to heat and an increase in the over all bills required to keep a boiler operating.

What Size Boiler Do I Need?

When deciding on a boiler to purchase, you have to take immediate care in relation to the size you choose. A boiler that is too small for an established space will operate continuously and may never reach the desired warmth intended. On the other hand, having one that is too large can increase standard cost as a simple operation is forced to be greater than needed. So in either case, the expense of even a reputable boiler will increase with an improper tank-to-home ratio. The key or rule-of-thumb to deciding on the best-sized boiler for a home is the British thermal unit. The methodology is that for every square-foot of building space, 50 Btu will be needed.

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