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Plumbing emergencies are extremely inconvenient and can be really unsafe. If your home has a burst pipe or backed up shower, you should get a Petri Plumbing professional on the job as soon as possible. Plumbing issues can create serious health hazards. Backed up sewage in your home can make you and your family sick, and a lack of hot water–especially in the winter–can increase your family’s chances of getting colds, flu, or even serious diseases like pneumonia or bronchitis. If you have a plumbing emergency, you need a reliable 24 hour plumbing service to get the repair done quickly.

Brooklyn 24 hour Emergency Plumber

What Constitutes as a Plumbing Emergency?

Common plumbing emergencies include overflowing toilets, sudden loss of water pressure or lack of running water, standing water or sewage in your home, contaminated water, a burst pipe, or lack of heating control resulting in too hot or too cold water. Any of these problems could result in severe illness or damage to your home or property. If these occur, you should call our 24-hour emergency service to have a plumber come to your home and fix the problem. Anything that can’t wait for regular business hours is a plumbing emergency, and fortunately we offer round-the-clock emergency services for your convenience and safety.

What Services Do You Offer?

We can repair or replace any plumbing problem, whether it’s loss of running water, frozen or burst pipes, inefficient toilets, loss of water flow and pressure, or any other plumbing problem. We can also help repair or replace your water heater or boiler, regardless of its problem or age. Some boilers and plumbing equipment may be under warranty, but Petri Plumbing can fix it whether it is or not. We also can install scald-free faucets to keep hands, feet, and body safe from extra-hot water that can cause severe burns.

How Can I Prevent Emergencies?

There are several ways you can keep plumbing emergencies from affecting your family. The most important cure is prevention. Keeping your plumbing well kept, up-to-date, and properly maintained can prevent emergencies like burst pipes. In addition, keeping your entire home weather-proofed means better protection for your plumbing system. Seasonal cleaning like checking on the pipes in the spring and insulating them in the winter helps keep them safe. It’s also a good idea to child-proof your plumbing system like installing child locks on toilets and sinks to keep them from damage as well as keeping your little ones safe. You can also check out Petri Plumbing’s website for more information on how to prevent common plumbing emergencies.

We also…

  • Are New York’s first green plumbing company.
  • Provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction.
  • Offer preferred scheduling to Petri Priority Customers.
  • Have ongoing training to keep our staff professional and reliable.
  • Are EPA approved Water Sense Partners.

If you’ve got a plumbing emergency and need a Brooklyn Heights emergency plumber, don’t hesitate to contact Petri Plumbing at (718) 748-1254 to solve the problem right away and keep your home and family safe from harm.

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