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What is a Boiler?

The boiler is an important part of any household. It heats the water that is circulated through pipes to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and other places. It is basically a closed container where heat is applied. For most homes, the water isn’t actually boiled. It is heated to between 140 – 200 degrees Fahrenheit. People who want to save energy and reduce their utility bills often set their boiler to a lower temperature.

Does My Boiler Require Maintenance?

Boilers should receive regular maintenance to always run efficiently. Sludge and other deposits can build up and cause it to become inefficient and more expensive to run. We can flush out your boiler annually with a power-flush system that uses mains water and special cleaners. This will help prevent more serious issues in the future. Some signs that your boiler needs maintenance are:

– A reduction in the usual temperature.
– Heating takes much longer than it used to.
– Cold spots in the system.
– Blockage in the system.
– Energy bills go up for no apparent reason.
– Dirty water coming out of taps.
– An excessive amount of noise coming from the boiler.

What Size Boiler Do I Need?

The right size of boiler for a house depends on the size of the house. If the boiler is too small, it will not provide enough heat and will constantly overwork to make up the difference. This will make the mechanism wear out very quickly. A boiler that is too big for a home will cost much more than necessary. The first things to consider are:

– Where will the boiler be? Will it stand on the floor or be hung on the wall? What will be the distance from an outside wall or roof? This will determine the type of fuel.

– How big is the house? Will the boiler supply hot water to several bathrooms?

– Do you want an energy efficient boiler? There are energy rating labels, so you can compare costs.

– How much maintenance does the boiler need? Some need more maintenance than others.

A traditional boiler works like a kettle on a stove. The gas burner heats the water. It is quiet and reliable and comes in a large range of sizes. However, it has high fuel consumption. A combination boiler provides hot water for taps and central heating. It is small and suitable for an apartment and the hot water is instant. It is recommended to have a service agreement to maintain this type. It is also not very suitable for a large house where several people need hot water at the same time.

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Whatever type of boiler you require, we can install and maintain it for dependable use and fuel efficiency. Call today at (718) 748-1254 to learn about our reliable Williamsburg boiler service.

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