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What is a Boiler?

A boiler is a piece of equipment that provides heat to a building. They usually come in the form of a large tank that can often be found in the building’s basement. Some boilers use hot water while others use steam. The hot water or steam is sent to radiators in the rooms.

Some types of boilers are called fire tube boilers. These are boilers that have tubes inside through which hot gases flow to heat up the water. These types of boilers are quite fuel efficient, not as expensive as others and are easy to use. However, they’re rather small capacity boilers.

Watertube boilers circulate the hot gases outside of tubes filled with water. This type of boiler has many of these tubes and they can come in all kinds of configurations. This allows the boiler to be larger and more powerful. Smaller types of these boilers are called package watertube boilers. They come in A, O and D types.

Electric boilers use electrical heating coils to heat the water, and combination boilers provide heat for the home and hot water for the taps.

Does My Boiler Require Maintenance?

Though boilers aren’t considered exceptionally delicate pieces of equipment, they do need maintenance. A well-kept boiler has been known to last decades, and some have only been replaced because they were powered by coal, and coal stopped being delivered to the house. Yet, boilers that are ignored for long periods of time can be dangerous.

Though there are some things a homeowner can do regularly to make sure his or her boiler is operating efficiently, other things are best left to the pros. We check safety valves to make sure they’re clear of corrosion. We also test the pressure gauge, thermometers, temperature controls and pressure relief valves. We make sure there are no leaks and that all filters are replaced when needed. We also make sure all connections are sound and that all sensors and scanners are functioning properly.

What Size Boiler Do I Need?

The right size boiler for a home depends on several factors. First, you’ll need to know your home’s BTU requirements. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is the energy needed to raise a pound of water by a degree fahrenheit. Our professionals can figure out the BTUs your house needs by taking into account the climate, how many doors and windows your house has, how many people live in the house and how much insulation it has. Another thing you’ll need to know about a new boiler is its annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. A boiler whose rating is over 85 percent is considered to be very efficient.

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