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A plumbing emergency must be handled efficiently by the homeowner and the professional maintenance company. At Petri Plumbing, we provide the best services to homeowners during emergency situations. Understanding what is considered a plumbing emergency is very important. If homeowners consider a major issue to be a simple problem, major damages can occur, and this will lead to increased repair costs. Our company provides emergency leak services, emergency clogs services, and other plumbing services.

Battery Park 24 hour Emergency Plumber

What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

A Battery Park plumbing emergency is a situation where major damage is possible. Because of this, homeowners must understand general plumbing emergency procedures. Many emergency plumbing situations involve water. Because of this, homeowners should know the location of the main water valve. This is very important because the water will continue to cause damage if it is not shut off. However, some plumbing emergencies are not as serious. For example, when an appliance has a leak, simply use the shut off value near that specific appliance.

Emergency Services and Prevention

Pipe leaks occur when the joint is weak. Most pipe leaks also occur when temperatures are below freezing. Because of this, proper prevention services are recommended. For example, certain pipes handle cold temperatures better than others. Professional technicians generally use insulated pipes because the pipes will not freeze on cold days. Our technicians also help homeowners who have major problems because they were not at home during a plumbing emergency. Proper inspection is very important. Our technicians will inspect the water heater and other appliances. The water heater must be shut off using the proper procedures to prevent overheating.

When a pipes freezes, our technicians will use unique equipment to thaw the pipes. Our technicians will not heat the pipes fast because they will damage. Each pipe will be thawed slowly.

Our emergency services for clogged drains are very efficient. We understand that homeowners need their drains repaired fast. However, many emergency clog situations can be solved without professional services. Generally, a plunger can be used for most projects. When a plunger does not repair the clog, our services will be needed. Homeowners should not try to use advanced plumbing tools to repair clogs because damage can occur. Also, homeowners should not use drain cleaning products for a major clog. Clog prevention tasks for the drain and the toilet vary. To prevent emergency drain problems, never use food and grease in a sink. To prevent toilet clogs, do not flush other items down the drain. Only toilet paper is recommended.

A faulty faucet is a plumbing emergency that causes a lot of damage. Generally, the water will not shut off. Repairing a faucet without professional services is possible. However, cartridge faucets must be repaired by a skilled technician. To prevent a faucet emergency, consider buying the most advanced faucet.

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At Petri Plumbing we offer many high-quality plumbing services that are designed to help you resolve all plumbing emergencies efficiently. Call us today at (718) 748-1254 if you are in need of a Battery Park plumber for Battery Park emergency plumbing!

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